Instagram is one of the biggest social networks. FACT!
But why Instagram is not compatible with Desktop or Laptop idler PC or Mac?
Probably soon, they will give us an answer!
I spend hours searching for one solution, so we can upload images and video directly from any type of computer. After hours I saw a guy working with Brave (some new browser). So I downloaded and this video is the result. BUT… you can do the same using Google Chrome.
I try Firefox, but nothing! If you need help uploading images and videos to Instagram from your computer, here´s one solution!

1. Using Brave or Google Chrome go to Instagram.com
2. Login to your account.
3. Right-click inside the white area.
4. Click the responsive icon.
5. Refresh the browser.
6. Click the plus icon.
7. Now you can share images or videos.

Hope you can find this video useful!

Nguồn: https://amataurtube.com

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